We are a full service breeder specializing in selling top-quality tiny teacup Yorkshire Terriers well known as Yorkies, Tiny Toy Poodles, Teacup Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Imperial Shih Tzus and TICA Imported Hypoallergenic  Russian Siberian Kittens. 

I am fully licensed and inspected.  We also provide shipping via puppy nanny for $400 or vehicle delivery to nearby areas Michigan to NY to NC for $1 mile one way.

My focus for breeding is to breed a healthy, socialized, beautiful companion and pet.  All of my puppies and kittens are raised in a clean & loving environment with the help of my daughter Marlee & Kenzie ...Hence the Kennel Name Lil Divas of Ken-Mar...

If you are interested in purchasing pedigreed, top quality babies, please take your time looking at our site and I feel you'll see you found the right place to find your new little family member :-)

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Yorkies are a "man made" breed that originated in the Yorkshire area of England early in the 19th century.  Several different dog breeds were bred together to create a small terrier that could kill vermin, like rats.
Although differences of opinion exist, it is generally thought that larger terrier dogs with different colors and textures of coats were used to develop the yorkie breed.  This mix of coat colors and textures may account for the difference in coat types and colors that we have today in the breed.  Coat color can range from light silver to blue to black. 

Larger dogs were used to develop the breed so there are still larger yorkies being born today.  Yorkies weights range between 2 and 12 lbs although some people live with smaller and larger dogs.  Show dogs must not exceed 7lbs.  

It is not recommended that the tiny 2lb yorkies live with small children as they are very fragile and can be easily injured.  Yorkies have a non-shedding coat that is hypo-allergenic.  People with allergies and asthma can frequently keep yorkies as they have hair like people instead of fur.  They are easy to keep clean and don't have that "doggy odor" that other dogs can get.  Yorkies are beautiful in their long flowing coat and if you don't have the time to keep them in the long coat they look really cute in a puppy cut or a modified snauzer or westie cut.

As smaller dogs, yorkies have smaller exercise needs and can get enough excercise in an apartment or condo. This is ideal for the elderly or homebound person.

Yorkies think they should always be near you.  They like to sit in your lap while you watch television, sleep with you at night, and will lay by your feet if you can't hold them.  They may be small but are capable of jumping into your lap and bed if you want to.  The Yorkshire Terrier is an active beautiful companion.  

Don't be fooled, you don't own them - they own you! They are classified as toy dogs but have retained their terrier temperaments and personalities.  Yorkies are self confident and not intimidated by anyone or anything.  This frequently gets them into trouble.  Yorkies think they are the big dogs on the block and this can be dangerous if they decide to scrap with the wrong dog.  Many yorkies are injured every year due to their fearlessness.  

However for the most part, yorkies get along with the compatible dogs.  Yorkies love to play and are very friendly to people.  They love to be the center of attention, they seem to say " look at me, aren't I beautiful". 

Yorkies love to travel, and can easily be taken along.  Being very intelligent dogs, yorkies can learn anything they want to and easily adapt to change.  Being so smart, they can be trained to potty outside or inside on papers or the new wee-wee pads.

Yorkies usually get along with, and play very well with other yorkies.  It's great fun to see two of them playing together and sleeping together.  As the saying goes, " I bet you can't have just one".


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